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Why You Should Take Your Spouse to a Couples-Only Resort


When it comes to an adult vacation, there is nothing worse than sitting around the pool, cocktail in hand, and the sun in your face, only for it to be totally disturbed by a bunch of screaming kids running around the pool when they should be walking and splashing your blow out. Now, we aren’t saying kids are terrible, but couples who have decided just to be a duo need a break just as much as families. But there is no need to force yourself to interact in a family setting when all you want is to tan topless or smooch. A couples only break is just what the doctor ordered. Many resorts offer all-inclusive options that aim to mix the best amenities with the most uplifting atmosphere.

What is a couple’s only retreat?

The basis of an adults-only or couples retreat may sound like something that newly married couples or elopers would want to try, but if you’re looking for a peaceful vacation, look no further. The age limit usually is 18 or 21, depending on the resort you chose and which location. These resorts focus on creating a romantic and luxurious experience for two people, so this is a pretty great option if you require some TLC. The couples-only resort is meant to offer couples a relaxing and refined retreat from the perils of reality. And who doesn’t want an inclusive resort to wait on you hand and foot while providing five-star accommodation?

Help create memories.

You may remember what it felt like when you first married your spouse; the honeymoon stage: constant kissing and goo goo eyes, numerous romantic getaways. But now both of you are working 40 hour work weeks, looking after the kids, and seeing each other over a rushed dinner in front of the TV. You may have promised one another a weekend away or a date night, but life just keeps getting in the way.

Now, it’s time for you to make more memories that can sustain the long days of reality. A trip with just your partner can help you focus on your own relationship by spending quality time together. An escape can allow you to reform the bond you once had and get to know one another on a deeper level. You may even find yourself reminiscing about the memories you already created. The trip is bound to give you a new outlook on your love life.

Take a look at your bucket list.

We all have our own dreams and adventures we would like to partake in. Taking a couple’s vacation is the perfect time to focus on wants and needs. During your time off, there is no need to be a responsible adult, and you can support one another as you leave your comfort zones and try scuba diving or a fancy new meal you’ve been dying to try. Taking a moment to live on the edge with the one you love is always the best way to commit to a new adventure.

So, kick off those sandals, and walk on the stunning beach, hand in hand. Don’t be afraid to enjoy a romantic dinner for two, and share a tropical drink while the sunsets. You won’t regret booking a suite resort with an infinity pool, and even if you never leave your hotel room, you and your special somebody will have made a massive effort in reconnecting to each other during what has been a very tough year for everyone. Go on, have that extra bit of me-time; your spouse will thank you for it.