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To be the best family resource on the internet.

Launched by mom extraordinaire, Nora Matteson, as a way to brainstorm family activities, unique travel ideas, and joyful things to do while stuck at home – Fun Meme was officially published in 2020, when we found ourselves with a lot of time and not enough to do. Originally started as a personal family journal, we have now expanded to become a full fledged online publication that attracts unique visitors from across the world.
Fun Meme appeals to those who want to celebrate life’s little adventures, while also creating purpose and meaning through quality time with those we love. Nora and her mighty team of knowledgeable experts, strive to inspire and encourage each one of you to dream your wildest dreams of what fun and joy can look like in your family. We share our awesome adventures, party and activity ideas, and some home and lifestyle tips we’ve picked up along the way. We love having you on this journey!

Our Team:
Family experts, just like you!



Founder | Editor | "Cool Mom"
After growing up and attending undergrad in rural Tennesse, Nora moved to New York City with an Marketing degree, big dreams, and a love of all things planning, parties, and events. She worked as a freelance event planner, and also started writing and editing for several online publications, including Real Simple and Martha Stewert Magazine. She met her husband, Tyler, and after having their daughter, Winter, they decided to move upstate to raise their family. Nora launched Fun Meme as a collaborative blog, but after just two years, the site grew enough to become her passion and full-time career.

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Assistant Editor
Lucie is the Assistant Editor at Fun Meme. Lucie began her career as a freelance writer while attending the University of Washington in Seattle. Her favorite niche is women's blogs, and she has featured bylines in Hello Giggles, Oh Joy, and Cupcakes and Cashmere. Lucie received a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing from UW and a graduate degree in Marketing from NYU. Lucie is also a burdgeoning interior designer and she contributes regularly to our home and family departments. She is married with two young children, and she loves helping our community of readers create more functional and beautiful living spaces, and also quality time with their families.

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Content Strategist
Emily is our content strategist at Fun Meme. She is also a freelance lifestyle and food writer whose work has also been featured in several well-known online women’s publications, like Glamour Magazine and the Barefoot Contessa. Emily loves sharing stories, and has been a prolific writer since childhood. While working as a marketing manager in NYC, she started contributing to a variety of women and family blogs. After having children, she decided to finally pursue a career in marketing and content strategy. Emily lives in Brooklyn with her young family, and she loves to explore upstate and visit her best friend, Nora, on the weekends.

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A family + lifestyle site all rolled into one. We celebrate fun through original projects, party ideas, and quality time. Launched in 2020 by event planner and “cool mom” extraordinaire, Nora Matteson, the blog has grown into one of the top craft, party, play, and celebration resources on the web. Fun Meme features practical party guides, accessible DIY projects, interior design inspiration, and the means to make it all happen.


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