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Why Is My Electricity Costing Me So Much?


The winter months are often accompanied by higher electricity bills, which can put stress on homeowners during an already difficult time. However, for those who’ve already set out precautions, a high electricity bill can come as a surprise, prompting them to ask, what did I do? Whether you’re trying to learn how to reduce your electricity rates or are looking for reasons as to why your electricity has been costing you so much more as of late, here are some reasons and solutions to help you deal with your utility bill.


You may need to switch energy providers.

Many homeowners may believe that they may be the issue behind their higher electricity bills. But when you ask yourself, “why is my electricity costing me so much?”, it’s important to know that it may be your provider that’s at the root of your problems. The good news? If you have a lot of options (like if you live in an area such as New South Wales where there are plenty of energy provider options for homes and small businesses), the best course of action is to choose another provider that offers you better rates. The best way to get started is to use a platform that’ll help you compare electricity NSW rates, see what options you have at your disposal, and select the one that’s a perfect fit for you.

You’re long overdue for repairs to your home.


Your home is designed to act as a haven from the elements. However, when there is any type of damage to your home, it could result in the elements getting in and the warm air that you’re producing leaking out. This is one of the main reasons why you may have a higher energy bill as your heater may be working overtime to warm your home. Take some time to inspect your home for any crevices and cracks to see where home improvements may be needed.

If you do identify any issues in your property, reach out to contractors like those at All Weather Seal of West Michigan. A Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited business, All Weather Seal of West Michigan is the best company to turn to if you’ve discovered areas in or around your house that need repairs, such as your home’s siding, its windows, or even its roof. If you want to make sure you’re not overspending on energy as a result of your home’s current condition, contacting a company like All Weather Seal for your West Michigan home can be an excellent first step in providing you with the repairs you need.

You have a ton of old appliances that are using up your energy.

Older appliances can boost the aesthetic of an older home, but when it comes to energy efficiency, they’re not up-to-date like the latest technology. This means that they can be using a ton of electricity when you do run them, which can be the reason for your high electricity bill. When you have the opportunity, make sure to replace older appliances with those that have higher energy ratings. Although this can be an upfront investment that costs you more, it’ll also save you more down the road.

You need to start using electricity outside of peak hours.


Many people lead the same schedule (especially with COVID-19 keeping more and more people at home). This generally means that people will also use more electricity around the same time of day. These periods, known as peak hours, are when electricity providers will often charge you more for using energy. While you can’t always avoid these hours, you should look to run certain appliances outside of peak hours to save more on electricity (and ask specifically what your provider charges during peak hours, so you know how much you’ll be charged when your bill comes in).

It’s no secret that electricity can be costly, but when your electric bill comes to you, and you have no idea why it’s so high, it’s important to look for solutions. To help you get started in reducing your overall electricity use and costs, use the brief guide above to gain some insight into the most common reasons and what you can do about them.