Toddler Birthday Party & Entertainment Ideas

Throwing a birthday party for your little toddler can see like a gigantic task. You want to do something that will be fun for the kids and their parents and will give your child a very special day. If you’re struggling to come up with the perfect plan, here are a few ideas on how to keep everyone at your kid’s party engaged.

Find Live Entertainment

You’ll want to keep your toddler’s birthday party nice and short, and having the perfect live entertainment will make it fun the entire time. Your child and the other kids can only handle about 60 or 90 minutes of party time, so filling that time with something entertaining will make the party simple and engaging.

You can hire clowns in Brooklyn to keep the tots entertained. Your party’s clown will keep the kids having a blast by providing balloon sculptures, face painting, a cotton candy machine, and other games. Finding the right live entertainment will take the pressure off you, and your perfect party will be planned in no time.

Do Your Research

With any live entertainment or outside vendor, you want to make sure you do your research. Your child’s safety and the safety of the other children is the most important aspect of the party, so head to to research any vendors coming to the gathering. You’ll need to make sure anyone coming is trustworthy and safe to be around your child, and as the host of the party, you’re responsible for everyone’s safety and well-being. Do your research and avoid any potential errors in judgment when hiring vendors.

Go For A Fun Activity

If you’re looking to provide the entertainment yourself, make sure you plan something fun for the group to do. You can keep things very simple and still pull off an amazing party. Give each child something to do when he or she arrives, like a coloring page or sticker book. You can give each kid a birthday party hat or temporary tattoo to help each him or her into the party mood (make sure you check with the kids’ parents on rules or allergies).

A great way to keep young children entertained is by playing music. You can tell them just to dance around, or you can plan a few musical games, like musical chairs or freeze dancing. Whatever you decide to plan, make sure it’s age-appropriate. If you’re having all toddlers at your party, then fun, short games will be perfect. If all your child’s friends have older siblings, plan different activities for the different age groups. You may even want to plan something fun for the adults to do, though it might be best to ask some of the adults to tackle wrangling the kids with you.

Consult With Your Son Or Daughter

Depending on your child’s age, you should talk with him or her about what to do for the party. Your kid might have strong opinions on what activities he would or wouldn’t like. Giving your child a say at the party helps her feel important, and after all, it is her party. You might ask your child to choose between two activities or pick the theme for the birthday cake and decorations. Give your son or daughter a little input and it will help you plan the party while also help him or her feel special.

Throwing a birthday party for a toddler might seem overwhelming, but just stick to the basics. Plan something to do and something to it, and ask people to help. You can’t go wrong with live entertainment, and with your child’s input, the party will go off without a snag.