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Tips for Throwing the Perfect Costume Party


Halloween is a popular time for costume parties, but you can throw them all year long if you want to. There are kinds of parties that people love more than a good costume party. Everyone loves to dress up as someone else for the night, whether it’s a character from their favorite television show or a monster that’s sure to scare their friends. They can also be a great way to meet new people, since it’s easy to strike up a conversation based on the costumes you’re wearing. If you want your event to impress, keep reading for tips on throwing the perfect costume party.

How can you throw the perfect costume party?


Every great costume party has a theme, and plenty of activities to go along with it. For example, you could opt for a true crime party and order murder mystery boxes for guests. If you’re unfamiliar, the boxes are full of autopsy reports, witness statements, and other clues to help you solve the (fictional) case. If you and your friends love puzzles and murder mysteries, this can be the perfect addition to your theme party. Your theme can be anything you want, though it’s obviously best to choose a theme that has some games, types of food, or specific decor associated with it.

One cool new trend for costume parties is having an accessory bar. Your guests will show up in costume, of course, but you can create a table or a station where they can add all kinds of accessories to take their outfit to the next level. We all know how much of a difference some earrings and statement necklaces make. You can head to your favorite department store or online store and pick out some beautiful, dramatic options that are sure to stand out. You can even have a makeup station where guests can put on some fake blood or other costume makeup.

A party isn’t a party without a goody bag! When you are hosting a costume party, it is a great opportunity to give your guests a little something to remember the event by. You don’t have to break the bank, but it will guarantee that your guests don’t forget your party anytime soon. A small piece of jewelry or a tasty treat are two good ideas, but you can use your imagination. Another option is to set up a photo booth and let your guests take home some snapshots.

What else should you know about throwing a party?


If you’re serving alcohol at your party, you have to be extremely careful. Not only do you need to make sure that everyone who is drinking is of legal age, but you also need to take steps to ensure that no one gets drunk and makes a scene. One of the best ways to do this is to limit the amount of alcohol that each person can drink. You can do this by handing out drink tickets or by setting a limit on the number of drinks that each person can have. You also need a plan for getting everyone home. You should have a list of taxi companies that you can call, and offer accommodations to anyone who needs them. Your guests and their safety are your responsibility.

Planning a party is a lot of work, but it’s definitely worth it when you see all your friends enjoying themselves. However, don’t forget that you’ll also have to clean up afterwards. There are some things you can do to make it a little easier for yourself. Before the party starts, sure you have enough garbage cans and recycling bins to accommodate all your guests. Though you won’t always notice at the moment, make a point to clean up any spills when they happen. Then, it’s less likely to leave a stain and you won’t have to deal with it later. For some large events, it may even be worth it to pay a cleaning service to help. Just make sure you have a plan for the aftermath of your event.

Costume parties are a blast, but they can take a lot of work to put together. The best place to start is by coming up with a theme, then you can plan for food, beverages, and activities around it. Murder mystery parties can be a lot of fun, or you could throw a classic French masquerade. Your budget and your imagination are your only limits. Just make sure that you’re taking precautions to keep your guests safe. The cleanup the next day may be a pain, but if you follow this advice, your party will definitely be talked about for a long time.