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Seasonal Tips for Homeowners

It’s summertime now, and you’re probably feeling the heat. Keeping your home nice and toasty is probably the least of your concerns at the moment, but will that still be the case two months from now? Your kids are thinking about the hottest summer clothes for back-to-school, and you’re simply longing to get them back to school, but should you be thinking further ahead?

The seasons rotate every three months, and they bring with them a large wave of seismic changes. One day, you’re hanging a holiday wreath to greet people at your door, and the next, you’re greeted by pollen at your door. Wouldn’t it be nice to beat the seasons to the punch every once in a while? Continue reading to get some tips to help you stay ready in season and out of season.

Make HVAC preventive maintenance part of your spring cleaning.


There’s something about spring that makes you want to spruce the place up a bit. Doesn’t the sound of birds chirping make you want to go outside and take down the string lights like you’ve been promising to do since New Year’s Day?

Spring is also the ideal time to make sure your cooling system is capable of beating the summer heat. There are at least five benefits of spring AC maintenance, including improving indoor air quality, lowering your energy bill, and extending the lifespan of your furnace and air conditioner. That’s why HVAC technicians advise that you schedule annual maintenance of your HVAC system.

Start planning for Christmas towards the end of summer.


The holiday season is another time when you don’t want to be caught off guard. Many seasoned parents and homeowners begin making their checklist for Christmas decorations and gifts well before they start seeing Hallmark and Macy’s commercials.

We’re not saying you should put your Christmas tree up when you take your Holloween decorations down, but you should certainly already be planning by then. The best time to buy holiday decorations is immediately following the holiday season. You can also purchase gifts throughout the year when you see deals on items that remind you of loved ones.

Save money by buying clothes out of season.


There’s a lot of pressure on teens to keep up with the latest fashion trends, and surely, you like to look good as well. There’s nothing wrong with having great taste in clothing, but being fashionable can also be expensive.

A thrifty way to get great deals on the hottest fashions is to shop for items that are out of season. In other words, buy winter coats, jeans, and other accessories right after winter or during the summer. That’s when even the top brands’ winter gear will sell at discount prices. It will still be brand new when the right season rolls back around, and no one will have to know that you got it at a fraction of the cost.

Plan summer and winter getaways a year in advance.


If you haven’t noticed yet, the theme of this list of seasonal tips is early preparation. You should definitely plan vacations early if you want to get the best possible deal on your family trip.

You may think that travel agencies serve no purpose with today’s technology, but you’re wrong. They can help you with everything from passports for international trips to making payment plans for expensive getaways.

Part of adulting is knowing how to prepare for the coming seasons—that’s how you stay cool in the summer, warm in the winter, and cool as a cucumber year-round. Don’t wait until Thanksgiving Day to start looking for Christmas decor or until you feel your first indoor sweat to have a contractor service your air conditioner. As the saying goes, “Proper preparation prevents poor performance.”