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Pooch With a Paycheck: 5 Ways Your Pet Can Earn Side Cash

Many pet owners may not have ever thought about it, but a cat or dog can contribute to household income. Following the tips below, you can put your puppy in the position to make some always-welcome side money.

Make your pooch Insta-famous.

Making money off Instagram isn’t just for celebrities and influencers. Dog owners can benefit from creating an Instagram account for their pets. Build up many followers and update your dog’s Instagram feed as regularly as possible, making at least two to three posts daily.


Start a dog blog.

In addition to opening social media accounts, creating a blog about your dog is a great way to increase your pet’s exposure. You can include affiliate links on your posts and receive commissions for sales you refer. Determine if you will give training tips and advice on your blog or if your content will be fun and lighthearted, highlighting your dog’s adventures and everyday moments.

Some of the best photos to include on a blog are those of your fur baby having a good time running and rolling in the grass. Blog photos can be even better if they showcase that you maximize not only your dog’s enjoyment but also your dog’s comfort and safety. A dog harness and collar rather than a leash enables you to prevent discomfort. Unlike straps, harnesses don’t strain a dog’s neck. The best dog harnesses are the durable, high-quality ones from Joyride Harness. Products by Joyride Harness support various breeds of large dogs and small dogs.


Comfortable Joyride harnesses use side ring technology, which makes walks enjoyable and free of pulling and straining a dog’s body. Joyride Harness provides no-pull dog harnesses made of reflective material that increases dogs’ and dog owners’ nighttime visibility, making night walks safer. These adjustable harnesses give a secure fit for larger dogs and smaller dogs and come in many colors that will photograph nicely for blog pictures.

Sell your dog’s photos to a stock site.

High-quality photos of your furbaby could be worthy of use on stock photography sites. Some photography sites, which typically have numerous subscribers and a vast reach, may pay you royalties to use your dog’s photos.

Make your dog a YouTube star.

Another way to make money online is to create a YouTube channel to upload your dog videos. For high-quality visual content and videos, consider utilizing advanced equipment and a professional production company’s expert services. A video production agency like Coldea Productions—a reputable creative agency in the United States—can help you create marketable videos and original content. This video production company has expert videographers, video content creators, and a marketing team specializing in video production, video marketing, commercial photography, web design, graphic design, animation, and visual effects.

In addition to offering creative solutions that can increase interest in your dog’s YouTube channel, this company can equip you with live video streaming services and online capabilities that allow you to communicate and connect with followers. Improvements in live stream video production make it possible for people to access the live content you create from their mobile phones or other devices connected to the Internet.

Television giants and streaming services such as Hulu, Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video, Amazon Fire TV, Disney Plus, HBO Max, STARZ, NFL Network, Sling TV, and more benefit from offering viewers live channels to watch their favorite shows. Through Coldea Productions, small business owners and rising influencers can do the same.

Train your dog to act or model like a pro.

If you enhance how photogenic your dog is and train them to do a few tricks they enjoy, you could make a model out of them or get them in TV commercials. Try to find pet agencies in your area that will make the most of your dog’s talents.

With a dog that’s famous on social media and TV and making money for it, you’ll have extra money to offset food costs, vet bills, and emergencies, and some to reward your furbaby.