Non Traditional Bachelorette Party Ideas

Love them or hate them, bachelorette parties can be as tough to plan nowadays as weddings. Most women hear “bachelorette party” and dread the cliche of themed decor, too many phallus gimmicks, copious amounts of alcohol, and spending too much money. Since the wedding reflects the bride’s personality, the bachelorette party should as well. 

When the time comes to plan an epic party for the bride-to-be, start by setting a budget that everyone can agree on before sitting down to draft a plan. To ensure everyone has a great time celebrating friendship, keep these non-traditional bachelorette party ideas in mind. 

Embrace Nature 

A girls’ weekend away doesn’t have to mean spending hundreds, even thousands, of dollars to travel to a destination city. Instead, embrace nature and have a weekend away in the great outdoors. Get the girls together for a weekend of camping – find an ideal location that has hiking trails, outdoor activities, or guided tours. Disconnect from electronics and enjoy quality time with each other, playing games, cooking over an open fire, and having conversations. For an upgraded experience, there’s always glamping. 

Have A Classic Slumber Party

If getting fancied up for a night out on the town is too much to ask, trade-in stilettos for slippers and have a classic slumber party. Spend the evening indulging in sweet treats, movies, games, and more. Skip the high prices of day spas and do DIY spa treatments together at home, such as facials, manicures, and pedicures. 

Order lingerie-making kits for the party and make commemorative pieces. Or have everyone bring over lingerie, and give things some DIY flair by adding embellishments for fun. Keep the crafts going by painting wine glasses, making signature scented candles, or make a scrapbook. When picking up supplies for the party, don’t forget to stop at the liquor store for all things cocktails. Just because the party isn’t taking place out on the town doesn’t mean that drinks are out of the question. 

Take An Interesting Class

Bond with each other over a class. Sign up for a pole dancing class and learn the art of pole movement while getting a serious workout. Learn how to whip up something tasty with a cooking class. Chances are, everyone gets to eat the food they cooked as part of the class, so dinner is covered! Skip waiting at a crowded bar to order a drink and try a cocktail making class instead. 

Roadtrip With Your Gals

Pack a backpack and jump in the car for a road trip with the gals. Spend a weekend taking a fun journey to anywhere. Photos from the trip can be displayed at the wedding and the memories and stories from the adventure can be shared for years to come. 

Take advantage of an Airbnb Experience. Most cities have hosts that create unique, custom experiences that anyone can sign up for and enjoy. The best part is that participants can live locally or come from out of town, they don’t actually have to be Airbnb lodgers. Should the journey lead to New York City, have the ultimate experience of attending broadway shows. Use TodayTix to find the best available tickets to the hottest Broadway shows at the best prices. Whether a last-minute decision or a show planned months in advance, TodayTix is the one-stop-shop resource for all ticket needs. 

Seek Some Thrills 

Marriage is a big deal, so help the bride get rid of the jitters by seeking some thrills. Try a group bungee jumping or sky-diving session. If not everyone is thrilled by planes, there is always indoor skydiving. Also keep in mind a trapeze class, zip-lining, or parasailing.