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If You Hardly Drive, Is Car Insurance Worth It?


While required in most states and places, there are some areas where comprehensive car insurance is not required by law. This leaves people to question whether or not the monthly payments for car insurance are worth it if they don’t drive a lot. The short answer is yes. Even if you only drive once a month, car insurance is worth it because of the risk you run when you don’t have it. If you aren’t sure why you need car insurance because you don’t drive often, read on.

What is car insurance really for?


Many people forget that car insurance is about more than the ability to replace a vehicle after a car accident. In reality, car insurance coverage is also peace of mind. Bodily injury, property damage, vandalism, and more are all part of comprehensive insurance and add up to big claims in the event that something goes wrong. Not only does insurance protect you from liabilities with damage to other people’s property through collision coverage, but it can cover you medically, too.

Even for people who don’t often drive, it’s smart to call for auto insurance quotes. Insurance coverage levels vary, and an insurance representative will be able to work with you to get the right coverage level for you, your lifestyle, and your vehicle. Whether you own a new car or have a less than perfect driving record, they’re trained to help you stay covered against personal injury suits and more should you get into an accident. If you aren’t sure, give one a call to talk about the basics of coverage options.

What can happen if I don’t have it?


Without auto insurance through an insurance company, you run the risk of finding yourself as a defendant in a lawsuit if an accident or damage to someone else’s vehicle or person is your fault. Your best possible outcome could then hinge on litigation without an insurance company to help you. Between waiting on court dates and worrying about medical bills that could head in your direction, you’ll wish you’d have taken the time to get at least minimal coverage.

Even with the risks involved with being underinsured or not having coverage, some people don’t want to pay out the costs simply because they don’t drive much or are distracted by other things like how to cope with a family member in jail. And while car insurance premiums can get steep if you don’t do your research, there are also affordable options out there.

In some places, it’s illegal to drive without insurance, and doing so can get your license suspended, your car impounded, or cost you a large fine or ticket. In these places, the consequences of driving without insurance can be big.

Where can I find reasonable coverage?


Instead of researching types of criminal lawyers for legal representation because you didn’t get personal injury protection and drove under the influence, you could put your energy into finding an affordable policy for even minimal protection. The way to do this is, after making a list of companies that serve your area, calling either a licensed agent who will make comparisons for you or giving each company a call and telling them what your insurance needs are. Some companies will even match another company’s quote to sell you a car insurance policy. These companies will break up payments or offer you reduced rates if you pay for six months of coverage at a time.

In the end, at least a minimal car insurance coverage policy is a good idea for anyone who drives. No matter how little you drive, it could always be the one time something goes wrong. Maybe you get in an accident after you run a red light, and there’s little damage to your car, but someone else’s is totaled, and they’re uninsured. It’s this kind of thing you want to think about ahead of time before leaving yourself uncovered.