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How to Save a Marriage From the Brink of Divorce

During unconventional times in the middle of a global pandemic, more people than ever are struggling with their mental health and reaching out to online therapists to find hope. This mental health crisis has also impacted couples. For this reason, many couples on the brink of divorce are reaching out to therapists for tools and resources to help save their marriages. If you’re struggling in your relationship and believe psychotherapy could help, read on to find out ways a therapist or counselor could give you the tools you need to save your marriage.

Finding Licensed Therapists and Counselors


As difficult as things may seem at the moment, the reality is that professional counselors are out there to give you emotional support as you work on your relationship issues with your partner. Licensed family therapists can offer you online therapy, traditional therapy, or a combination of both to help you and your spouse to begin to tackle the issues that have cropped up. Finding the best online therapy or traditional therapy can be as easy as a Google search for an online therapy platform that will list different types of therapists and the services they offer.

When looking for the right therapist to help you with your marriage, it’s important to read the bios of family therapists, clinical social workers, psychologists, and couples counselors. While one psychotherapist might use worksheets and questionnaires to get to know you and your spouse, another might prefer to meet in person and offer therapy service in conjunction with medications and a psychiatrist involved.

Because no two professional therapists are exactly the same, you’ll want to ask questions about how your potential therapist helps to build the therapeutic relationship. Knowing yourself and your spouse will also help you to decide if text therapy, video sessions, or face-to-face therapy is a better option for you and your unique relationship.

Marriage Retreats


If you aren’t sold on the idea of traditional couple’s therapy, you might be interested in the idea of a couple’s retreat. A search like ‘marriage retreats near me‘ is a great way to find a marriage retreat that will combine bonding activities with tools and resources to help you and your partner learn to better communicate. Some couples find they have great luck with a combination of traditional therapy and a couple’s retreat. In fact, any couples continue to go on retreats after coming back from the brink of divorce as relationship tune-up opportunities.

Online Counseling


The pandemic has changed the way mental health care is administered across the globe. The great news is that therapists are finding clients are having success with online therapy programs that offer the same level of care as face-to-face sessions. The advantage is that online therapy can make it easier to work around busy schedules.

At the end of the day, if you and your partner hope to save your marriage, there’s help out there. Whether you opt to find a licensed therapist online to meet in person for traditional therapy or prefer to meet with a psychologist in video sessions with online counseling, reaching out to a therapist or other mental health professional for help with your marriage is a great first step in working to repair your relationship.

When you make that first call to a mental health professional, be prepared to talk about your specific needs and give them your preference for online counseling or traditional therapy. You might be surprised just how easy it is to find the right family therapist, clinical social worker, psychologist, or counselor to help you and your partner get back on the right track. Best of luck to you in repairing your marriage.