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Gift Ideas for Children With Disabilities


While they may have different challenges and struggles, kids with disabilities are no different from any other kids when it comes to gift-giving. That is, all kids love gifts that speak to their interests and give them joy. If you have a disabled child on your gift list this year and aren’t sure what to give them, read on for ideas.

Gifts for Kids with Hearing Loss


Depending on how severe the hearing loss is, a child with a hearing disability in your life could use a whole host of gifts. After the child has had a pediatric hearing screening and been set up with a team of support and medical professionals, take a look at where they’re at. Talk to the child’s parents, or if you’re the parent, talk to members of their treatment team for gifts that might be appropriate. For some kids with only minor hearing loss, the perfect set of high-quality earbuds might be enough to help them with online learning or even just to listen to their favorite playlists or shows. For others, gift ideas that keep their specific disability in mind, like signing books or flashcards. Even better, to stay connected to a child with severe hearing loss in your life, you could learn to sign. By taking the time to learn to communicate with them in the way that’s easiest for them, you’d be giving them one of the best gifts at all.

Maybe you once rescued a cat who was blind and spent months researching how to prepare your home for a cat with limited vision. Even an experience like this would tell you that your cat might have challenges but is really no less fond of catnip than your other feline friends. The same idea applies here. Kids who happen to have a disability don’t enjoy toys or gifts less, but their needs might just be a little different. Consider this when thinking about the best gift to give.

Gifts for Kids on the Spectrum


For children on the autism spectrum, gifts that focus on sensory needs can be a great idea. Again, it’s important to know what types of toys might be in each specific kid’s best interest. Many kids on the spectrum are triggered by or attracted to certain textures. A fuzzy blanket or stuffed animal might give one child comfort but scare another. Do your research ahead on this to avoid the wrong gift.

The great news is that some kids on the spectrum are the easiest to buy for. This is because children with autism tend to fixate. Maybe the child you love happens to love dinosaurs. They would likely be thrilled with any type of toy you bought that relates to dinosaurs. From models to puzzles and coloring books, these kids are easy to please and will love whatever you pick out.

Gifts for Kids with Mobility Challenges


If mobility is a struggle for a child on your list, you don’t have to avoid sports equipment. Many kids with mobility differences still love sports and do just fine in gym class. The key is to ask. Whether it’s a parent, teacher, or someone else who knows the child well, your best chance at the perfect gift is doing a little homework in advance.

Obviously, when a child has disabilities, you should keep those in mind when picking the perfect gift. This doesn’t mean your gift-giving needs to be much different than it would be for any child. Keep the child’s interests in mind, find age appropriate gifts, and, when in doubt, ask the child’s parents or friends what they might like. If you’re still unsure, give the child the gift of time with them, and consider a gift card to the movies or an adventure you can take together. Happy gift-giving to you!