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Before You Hit the Links, Remember These 5 Things


As with any game, golf has its own set of rules, strategies, player etiquette, and expectations. The game of golf is rooted in rich history and can be traced back to the Romans circa the year 100 BCE. The modern game of 18 holes started in Scotland in the 1400s. Since then, men and women alike have been hitting the links to explore this classic game. Golf is a great game that can be played with one friend, many friends, or even solo. Before setting up your tee time on the course, there are a few questions to ask yourself.

1. What should you wear to play golf?


Many beginner golfers wonder what to wear when they golf. First, you will need to check and see if the course you’re playing on has a dress code. Dress codes can vary greatly these days, especially because some facilities have made the decision to relax their dress code in hopes of not coming across as stuffy. Public courses and driving ranges typically aren’t enforcing much in terms of a dress code these days.

Private clubs and facilities might be where you will encounter some kind of dress code. Jeans and athletic shorts are typically off-limits. A collared shirt and khaki pants will usually always be fine for men. Ladies’ attire varies but often includes some kind of polo shirt with pants or skorts. From petite women to those of all shapes and sizes golfing outfits should be comfortable and relaxed. Golf shoes might also be required, but you will need to ensure that they have soft spikes or non-metal cleats as many golf courses today have banned metal spikes. The best way to make sure you have something appropriate to wear is to simply call the course and ask. Remember that this is an outdoor sport and you will usually be out on the greens for several hours.

2. What equipment do you need?


Taking the right equipment to the golf course will help you to follow the rules, as well as the etiquette of the game. The rule on golf equipment is that you can’t have more than 14 clubs in your golf bag. You can, however, have fewer than 14 clubs in your bag. So the question becomes, which clubs do you need? A good place to start is with a driver, a putter, and a sand wedge. You can then add in a 6-iron, an 8-iron, a pitching wedge, and a fairway wood or hybrid. These are the clubs that will help you get started and are the most forgiving and easiest to get the ball airborne with. You can find Edel putters that provide innovation, quality, and precise fit to give you comfortable clubs. Whatever clubs you decide to use, make sure that you are comfortable swinging them and that they are the right fit and size for you.

3. What else should you bring?


After you have packed the most important things, your clubs, there might be a few more items that you will want to bring along. Make sure that you have plenty of golf tees. When you play golf you will crack and break the tees and you might even lose some. You will need a few of these guys. Also, you will want to make sure that you have plenty of golf balls.

When you start playing golf, you’ll likely lose a lot of balls to the water hazards and the woods. Just make sure you have plenty with you so that you can keep playing! It will also be important to remember that you will be outside for several hours you might want to bring some sunscreen, insect repellent, and natural tick repellent. You will be out in the sun and, if this your first time golfing, you might be spending some time in the tall grasses and trees that surround the course! Tiny ticks can be quite a hazard in tall grasses and tick bites are very dangerous. You wouldn’t want your day of golfing to end in tick-borne illness, so look into natural tick repellent to go along with your visor and sunscreen. Keeping ticks off is just as important as protecting yourself from the sun.

4. Do you need to reserve a time?


When you plan your golf trip, you might want to look at booking a tee time. This will make sure that you’ll be able to play at the time that you want. You can book your time over the phone, and some courses allow online booking. It’s important to note that your tee time is the time when you will actually start playing. Get to the course before your tee time so that you can check-in, get your cart, and get set up to play before your first stroke.

5. Where should I practice?


If you want to try your hand at golfing before you hit the links, you can get some practice at a driving range. You can work on your swing and form, and get familiar with a golf course. You can get a bucket of balls at the range without having to bring your own. Many places will also let you rent or borrow clubs to use on the driving range.

Golfing can be fun and relaxing, but it can also be frustrating and tiring until you get used to it. Just remember to be prepared and have fun!