5 Tips on How to Be a ‘Cool’ Mom

Congrats on your new baby! Now, you may be thinking about diapers or breastfeeding, but can we be honest with each other for a second? You really want to know how to be the cool mom that other moms are totally jealous of! Every mother out there wants the carpool group to say, “she’s the fun one!” or the women of the PTA to mutter “how does she do it?” There is no shame in that game. More power to you! We have compiled some grade-A tips to make sure you are the coolest mom on the block.

1. Let your kids be kids.

The most important thing a mom can do is to just let her children be children. There’s a ton of pressure to keep kids on a schedule, teach them manners, and have them understand that their actions have consequences. But nowadays many parents are forgetting the joy of being a tiny tike. Imaginations are running wild, so join them! Let the kids make a fort in the living room with the couches and pillow, play dress up, make too many chocolate chip cookies on a rainy day, eat a bunch then grab your Stroller Buzz Universal Rain Cover & Weather Shield and go for a walk. Don’t worry about your kid jumping in puddles or getting caught in the rain. With the Stroller Buzz Rain Cover, your kid will be safe from any storm you find on your walk. Allowing your children to embrace who they are in the moment will bring them closer to being perfectly okay with who they are meant to be, and that is the gift that keeps on giving.

2. Have confidence.

You can’t try too hard or you’ll end up getting on your kids’ nerves. Kids can spot a wannabe who is desperately trying not to age a mile away. Being a cool mom means that sometimes you do have to make the hard choices. Your child is ever-evolving and you need to accept that they have different needs than you can anticipate, while also not allowing them to walk all over you. As a first time or seasoned parent, you have to have your own set of boundaries. As your child gets older and ventures into their teenage years (yikes!), it’s important to realize that your son or daughter will be making decisions on their own and that that’s okay. They’ll make mistakes and learn from them. Just be there to support them.

3) Own your postpartum body — it’s gorgeous.

All right ladies, say it with me: “I. Am. Hot!” Your body is different now, but it’s still just as amazing (if not more!) than pre-pregnancy. It’s perfectly fine if you like to dress to the nines and wear eyelash extensions or magnetic lashes. There is nothing wrong with still loving your cosmetics while wearing a cute jumpsuit or pajamas. If you prefer to keep it low maintenance and just apply some mascara on your natural eyelashes and add liner that is perfectly okay as well. Don’t feel you have to be one way or the other to impress anyone. Most people are impressed you got the kids dressed and to school on time. Don’t forget to splurge a little on yourself from time to time. Moms need to feel good, too, so that they can bring their best versions of themselves to the rest of the family.

4. Don’t let fear stand in your way.

Whether you’re a new mom or already on your second third kid, it’s normal to be fearful of the world when you’re trying to protect your children. Just don’t let the fear stand in your way of making solid decisions. You will drive yourself nuts if you worry about every accident or go over possible scenarios. Sometimes the best thing you can do is stand back and let life happen.

5. Say yes.

Be the mom that says yes! Obviously there are times when no has to be the answer, but we can still give in to the little battles like having a cookie before dinner. As your children grows the boundaries can be loosened. If you turn to the word no too much your child will end up resenting you for holding them back. Embrace the yes!