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5 Things Pet Owners Would Rather Spend Money on Instead of Utilities

Pets come in all shapes and sizes. People keep several indoor and outdoor animals, including dogs, cats, hedgehogs, snakes, goats, and hamsters, as pets.

Pets provide companionship and help people manage depression. People who own pets usually consider them part of the family. Pet owners can increase the amount of money they have to spend on preferred items by employing strategies to reduce utility costs.

Reduce Utility Costs

Every home needs electricity to function. Pets also benefit from electricity. Prolonged exposure to cold temperatures can jeopardize your pet’s health, and you may need a heat lamp if you have a pet turtle or a heater for your fish tank.

Although it’s a necessity, there are ways to reduce your utility bill. Use an energy provider comparison tool to find the cheapest electricity in NI or wherever you’re located. These tools produce a list of companies that can provide services to your home and break down their rates. When you input the amount you currently spend, the Moneygains tool will indicate how much you can save by switching to another provider.

You can also employ several energy conservation strategies to reduce your electricity costs. Use energy-efficient appliances that consume fewer kilowatt-hours (kWh). Turn your water heater down 20°F and insulate your water heater to conserve energy. You can also reduce the cost of running your air conditioner by implementing some smart, environmentally conscious habits. These include eating cold foods such as salads instead of using your oven and cooking meat outdoors on your barbecue instead of creating more heat in your house.

With effective energy-savings strategies in place, you’ll have more money to spend on your pet.

1. Vacations


Taking a vacation is an effective way to reduce your stress. Vacations can also make you happier, but you may not enjoy them as much if you have to leave your pup at home, and kennels can be expensive with average costs of up to $45 per day. Use the money you save to take dog-friendly vacations instead. Find a pet-friendly hotel and head to destinations with pet-friendly restaurants and beaches where you and your pup can enjoy your time off together.

2. Quality Food


In 2019, spending on pets exceeded $95 billion with most of this cost going towards pet food. Devoted pet owners often prefer to invest in quality pet foods with more natural ingredients. If you have extra money to spend on your pet’s food, you can indulge your pet with their favorite brands.

3. Pet Insurance


Pet insurance will increase your monthly expenses, but it can save you money in the long run if your pet is injured in an accident or develops a health issue. Some insurance plans include access to a 24-hour helpline where you can receive advice from a veterinarian over the phone. Using a helpline can potentially save you from the cost of an unnecessary vet visit for minor health issues.

4. Photo Shoots

Preserve your memories of your cherished pet is by hiring professional photographers who specialize in capturing pet photos to photograph your pet. You can use snaps of your pet to make Christmas cards, puzzles, magnets, blankets, and memory boxes. If you enjoy using social media and are a skilled photographer, you can invest in props for photoshoots and create a social media account for your pet. Popular pet photos can draw thousands of views, and if your pet becomes famous on social media, you may even be able to earn money through sponsorships.

5. Essentials


You can use the money you save on utility costs to cover the cost of essentials, such as pet habitats, clothes, and toys. Pet habitats can vary widely. If you have a dog, you can build an outdoor kennel where they can play safely. Supplement your pup’s outdoor area with a comfortable pet bed indoors.

Pet clothes have become increasingly popular over the last few decades. You can make your pet look stylish and protect your pet from the elements. Dogs can wear booties to keep their pads from being burned on hot sidewalks. Raincoats and sweaters can also keep your dog dry and warm when you go on walks.

A lot of pets enjoy toys or recreational items. Whether you want to invest in a hamster wheel or frisbees and balls, you and your pet can get a lot of enjoyment out of the toys you buy. Playing with toys also encourages your pet to be mentally and physically active.

Whether you want to invest in a reflective leash, a trip to a dog park, or taking your pet on vacation with your entire family, there are plenty of things pet owners would rather spend money on than utility costs. Taking steps to reduce your electric bill can free up the funds you need to indulge your pet.