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4 Tips to Help You Take Care of Your Clothing

Clothing is expensive, so the last thing you want to do is purchase an expensive pair of pants, a shirt, sweater, or any item of clothing and then have it start looking old, faded, and worn before you’ve worn it a month. Whether you’re totally into fashion or you avoid shopping like the plague, you probably spend a whole lot more money than you think on clothes such as leggings, short sleeve blouses, long sleeve tops, lightweight long-sleeve tunics, and even clothing accessories.

While children outgrow their clothes at an alarming rate, adults can hang onto clothes for many years, if those clothes are taken care of properly. Read on below for a few tips to help you take care of your clothing the right way.

1. Start with high-quality clothing.


While you don’t want to go out and buy the most expensive clothing you can find, items such as tunics, pants, tunic tops, leggings, and the like should be of good quality from the get-go for the best results. If you purchase only cheaply made clothing, then you can’t expect it to last you for years to come. By spending a little more money on clothing pieces that never go out of style, you’ll be investing in your wardrobe long term.

2. Pay attention when you launder items.


The tag on that expensive sweater you bought is there for a reason. It tells you how to launder the item. You need to pay careful attention to your items when you launder them to ensure you’re following the proper instructions. TruEarth soap sheets can help you with laundering your clothes, so that they last you for quite a few years to come. Not only are these soap sheets good for your clothes, but they’re also eco-friendly and okay to use for those of you who have sensitive skin. If you’re looking to be more eco-friendly, then this is a good way to accomplish that task.

3. Always practice good hygiene.


While this might be a no-brainer, it’s important to note that showering every day and practicing good hygiene can help to protect your clothes as well. Wearing deodorant and the proper undergarments can protect your clothes and keep them cleaner. Remember, when you sweat, that sweat gets into your clothes and causes sweat stains that can be hard to get out in the wash, and wearing deodorant and showering daily helps with that.

It’s also a good idea to make sure that the right clothing is worn for the right events. For example, you shouldn’t let your daughter wear her church dress to the park to play on Sunday afternoon, or you wouldn’t wear your church clothes to ride horses either. Wear the clothes that are appropriate for the occasion and event, and the clothes will last you a lot longer. Also, if you’re going out to a bar where people smoke, don’t wear your most expensive high-quality clothing, opt for your cheaper clothing items instead.

4. Dress after you put on your makeup and do your hair.


Getting makeup stains out of clothing can be a nightmare. It’s simpler if you just get dressed after you’ve put on your makeup and done your hair. Products used on your hair can stain your clothes and do damage as well, so just get dressed after you’re ready to go to keep your clothes from becoming stained and unwearable.

These are just a few tips for taking care of your clothing the right way. From dressing after makeup and hair to prevent stains to using an eco-friendly laundry detergent that’s good for your clothing, your clothes can last you for years, if you treat them right.